We are a diverse team of engineers, product developers, and supply chain experts

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Who we are

We are GenLots, a Swiss Technology Company

We use machine learning to optimize supply chain processes. Our core technology, the Artificial Supply Chain Brain, uses ERP data to optimize order plans.

Implementations with major industrial companies successfully reduced total purchasing cost by up to 10%.

What drives us

Our mission

We transform the way industrial companies think about Supply Chain & Procurement through exciting technology and radical transparency over the total cost.

Given an abundance of data, outdated processes, and a huge lever for efficiency and profitability, we believe this field to be ripe for a revolution.

We strive to learn intensively from our clients and employees, contribute to the success of the people we interact with, and demonstrate concrete value as quickly as possible.

Our people

Discover the people behind GenLots

Simon Schenker

Simon Schenker

Co-Founder, Strategy, Product & Delivery


Co-Founder, Strategy & Investor Relations

Victor Bassili

Victor Bassili

Industry Advisor

Stephan Wagner

Advisor, Professor of Supply Chain Management at ETH Zurich

Our story

From research to production

GenLots was born from a research project by our co-founder Simon Schenker on Order Quantity Optimization at ETH Zurich. From the beginning it was clear that the results were astonishingly good and a company could be born. After gaining experience in the industry, GenLots was founded in 2017 by Simon and Arnaud, two brothers-in-law with complementary skills.

Over the past 3 years, we have become a diverse team of engineers, product developers and supply chain experts to redefine the purchasing experience for industrial companies.

Our partners

We believe successful partnerships activate innovation

Since its incorporation, GenLots reinforced its links with ETH Zurich. The company then participated in the H-Farm accelerator in Italy in 2017 and in MassChallenge Switzerland in 2018. All these innovation programs helped the company to grow and to establish initial connections with potential customers.

In 2019, GenLots received backing from Berlin-based VC Fly Ventures and Ace & Company.

Ideally located at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, we have excellent access to some of the leading industrial companies worldwide, as well as close connections to other startups in the innovation park and to EPFL activities in the field of machine learning.

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