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Discovering GenLots: The Order Planner and Dashboard Explained

When to order how much of which material as to minimize Total Purchasing Cost: this is what GenLots is all about. Our software solution optimizes the order plans of industrial companies that buy raw materials in high volumes.

The Order Planner, which is the central part of our software, imports real-time data directly from any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and computes optimal order quantities. It takes numerous constraints into account, such as the minimum order quantity, shelf life, and lead times. This makes it a powerful tool to assist material planners, reducing inventories and the number of orders by 30% on average while capturing quantity discounts. This translates into savings of up to 10% of the total purchasing costs for industrial companies.

The Order Planner Overview showcases the weekly order amount for a given material, optimized with the GenLots algorithm

To prioritize decisions when it comes to which material to plan, and use GenLots as a reference point in the purchasing process, we have developed the Opportunity Dashboard. The Dashboard centralizes purchasing data, showcases, and ranks the saving potential of each material in real-time. It includes features, such as notification to the MRP controller when the company needs to reorder a certain material.

The Opportunity Dashboard centralizes purchasing data and ranks the saving potential of each material in real-time.

In the video below, Simon, our co-founder, and developer of the GenLots algorithm runs you through the Order Planner and the Opportunity Dashboard. Showing concrete purchasing examples, he explains how you can optimize purchasing decisions with these tools.

The GenLots software is offered on a subscription basis including a dedicated account manager to enable a seamless integration into your workflow and ERP system. Pricing depends on the volume spent and features. We are happy to evaluate our software with your data and discuss options in person. You can get in touch with us at:

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