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Order planner

Get order planning excellence

The order planner is the main software solution of GenLots. It helps industrial companies order material more easily and more efficiently.

Opportunity dashboard

Visualize savings and get alerted to problems

The Dashboard showcases the savings potential of each material in real-time.

It includes a set of alerts which will inform users on the risks of scrap, stock-outs, or falling below safety stock.

Safety Stock Optimizer

Optimize your safety stock levels

The Safety Stock Optimizer computes the optimal safety stock according to the desired service level and the lead time.

The combination with the GenLots order planner allows us to calculate the exact financial impact of the service level change on the Total Cost of Ownership.

Safety Stock Optimizer

Global Inventory Visualization

Avoid inventory capacity issues

The Global Inventory Visualization module allows material planners to visualize the projected inventory in value and volume.

It enables them to foresee the risk of exceeding storage capacity, for each category of materials.

Global Inventory Visualization

Work with us

We have a simple way to show the potential quickly before implementation

Proof of Value

The GenLots journey starts with a free-of-charge analysis of a set of past orders to compare what GenLots would have recommended and demonstrate the potential value.


Next, we customize for the customer's needs. Using live data on a set of future purchasing data, we validate the gains real-time and on site.


Thanks to the previous phases, we know exactly how to implement. In this step the connection with the ERP is established and the value of GenLots is unleashed.

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Find out more about our product

What types of companies can benefit from GenLots?

We are currently focused on large industrial companies where we can add the most value and the greatest savings. We are happy to give references or discuss the fit with your company in a call. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick discussion about the potential for a collaboration.

  • Your company is manufacturing / process-oriented
  • You have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system
  • You have upwards of CHF 30 Millions in annual purchases

What differs GenLots to conventional order planning and why are savings so high?

  • GenLots has a unique approach to taking the Total Cost of Ownership of ordering materials (inventory, ordering and product costs) into account. This holistic approach allows GenLots to unlocking untapped savings
  • Traditional MRP recommendations have to be frequently adapted manually by the planners, as conventional algorithms are not able to take all constraints (shelf life, supplier constraints, shifted product plan etc.) into consideration. GenLots provides recommendations which can be implemented automatically, as our powerful machine learning heuristic can take on all constraints
  • Consolidation features help planners to become more proactive instead of reactive firefighters. Whereas traditional products offer only suboptimal operating instructions, GenLots can help to hunt down the biggest saving opportunities proactively

What is the Return on Investment for implementing GenLots?

Subscription and implementation fees are normally recovered within the first months of use.

  • Implementation is short (< 3 months) and demand upon client resources and IT minimal
  • Savings represent several millions annually
  • The application is user-friendly with minimal training required

How does GenLots use Machine Learning to create savings potential?

  • Machine Learning is at the core of the GenLots algorithm. We use reinforcement learning by punishing and rewarding the program on whether it does something increasing or lowering the total cost of ownership. Read our Co-CEO’s article “A recent shift in the perception of reinforcement learning” to learn more

We have optimized a lot already. How can you save us money?

  • Assessing inefficiencies in purchasing is very difficult without a benchmark, namely the optimal order plan. As a result, many hidden costs remain tied in the purchasing process. Traditional models (ERP modules, Wilson formula) fail to detect such hidden costs – and present results which are acceptable but simplified
  • Our unique approach in offering a complementary Proof of Value is a risk-free way of establishing such a benchmark