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Supply planning

Get supply planning excellence

The supply planner is at the heart of our suite. Our proprietary machine learning algorithm proposes dynamic lot sizes. You can be sure to get the right quantity at the right time, reducing deliveries by up to 50% and inventories by up to 30%.

Simulator and recommender

Keep your planning parameters up to date

A lot of organisations try to implement more resilient supply chains at the moment due to global disruptions. But this resilience costs something. How much? That is just one of the questions our new feature, the simulator, answers. Other questions are “What are my optimal safety stocks?”, “What is the effect of different minimum order quantities (MOQs) on my inventory?”

Safety Stock Optimizer


Gain visibility

The dashboard showcases the savings potential of each material in real-time, including CO2 impact.

It includes a set of alerts which will inform users on the risks of scrap, stock-outs, or falling below safety stock.

Global Inventory Visualization

Avoid inventory capacity issues

The Global Inventory Visualization module allows material planners to visualize the projected inventory in value and volume.

It enables them to foresee the risk of exceeding storage capacity, for each category of materials.

Global Inventory Visualization
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Find out more about our product

What types of companies can benefit from GenLots?

GenLots can be applied to a wide range of industries which manufacture physical end-products. We have already large clients in consumer goods, pharma, chemicals and industrial goods. For more information on references, please contact us directly.

  • Your company is manufacturing / process-oriented
  • You have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system
  • You have a minimum of USD 30 Millions in annual purchases

What differs GenLots to conventional supply planning and why are savings so high?

We invented a reinforcement learning algorithm, combined with a new way of assessing supply planning costs, that departs from the legacy formulas. When it comes to supply planning, existing ERP programs do not model all relevant factors and don’t show the financial impact of decisions being made. Learn more about our technology here.

What is the Return on Investment for implementing GenLots?

Subscription and implementation fees are normally recovered within the first months of use.

  • Implementation is short (< 6 weeks) and demand upon client resources and IT minimal thanks to our standardized integrations
  • Savings represent several millions annually
  • GenLots becomes a companion for supply planners with minimal training required and helps to create a standard throughout the company.

How does GenLots use Machine Learning to create savings potential?

Machine Learning is at the core of the GenLots algorithm. We developed a reinforcement learning algorithm which is inherently flexible. It grows and gets more sophisticated with each new use case, differentiating us further from the supply planning status quo. It does so without using historical data, which simplifies adoption. Read our Co-CEO’s article “A recent shift in the perception of reinforcement learning” to learn more

We have optimized a lot already. How can you save us money?

  • Assessing inefficiencies in purchasing is very difficult without a benchmark, namely the optimal order plan. As a result, many hidden costs remain tied in the purchasing process. Traditional models (ERP modules, Wilson formula) fail to detect such hidden costs – and present results which are acceptable but simplified
  • Our unique approach in offering a complementary Proof of Value is a risk-free way of establishing such a benchmark