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The Digital Supply Chain Podcast interviews Simon from GenLots

Supply chain planning can often seem like a lot of trade-offs. GenLots is a company using Reinforcement Learning to optimise the triangle of cash, (inventory working capital and so on), costs, (prices,  delivery, transportation, etc.), and service (customer service, or the service that you give to your production).

Listen to our Co-Founder Simon Schenker being interviewed by The Digital Supply Chain Podcast about the Topic.

The Digital Supply Chain podcast is a show hosted by SAP Innovation Evangelist Tom Raftery, discussing thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a resilient, sustainable supply chain. The show publishes a new episode every Monday and Friday, and features interviews with luminaries in the world of supply chain and Industry 4.0. All aspects of supply chains, and how to optimise them are discussed – everything from the design, planning, manufacturing, production, delivery, all the way through to product operation.

Many thanks to Tom Raftery and the team at SAP for this wonderful opportunity.

Check out their Website for a full transcript and other episodes.

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